Undoubtedly in the field of health, apples They have a great level of popularity, although this is due in large part to its properties and the benefits it generates when consumed, because this is a huge proportion of nutritional well-being altogether.

In fact, it is traditionally conceived after the phrase: «an apple a day, the doctor would save you», this is not an advertisement, much less an exaggeration, but a certainty because that formula or health advice could change your habit of life in a meaningful way, which is why it is present after every meal plan.

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All about apples

To understand the impact of apples It is necessary to reveal its origin, the apple tree comes from Europe and Asia, it progressively expanded until it was cultivated in most of the continents, although due to the conditions it is not promoted in tropical countries, because it requires a mixture or presence of cold to grow up.

The growth of the tree requires a temperate climate and at the same time humid, in addition to having temperatures that do not drop below 20 ° C below zero, although due to its extension in the world, the cultivation of more than 40 million tons of them is produced. In fact, it is in fourth place in the world for fruit production.

It is found behind the grape, the orange, and the banana is also found, although beyond its wide production, there are its extensive properties that causes its consumption to be also one of the highest today when it comes to fruits, because their nutritional value is truly extraordinary.

This fruit is popularly composed of fiber, in fact it is the best way to consume it because of how healthy it is, due to its high levels of pectin, this is a kind of soluble fiber, which is not absorbed by the intestine, for this reason it becomes Being a gel that is responsible for performing an emulsion function, this extracts waste from the intestine.

For this reason when consuming it, it does its job of getting rid of toxins through feces, on the other hand it is also based on unique organic acids, since it is stipulated between 1% and 1.5% of the total weight of the apple, and these acids lead to generate a metabolization, that is to say an alkalizing effect (antacid).

This alkalizing power is transferred to the blood, the tissues, because the acidity is beneficial for inflammation, as well as counteracting the appearance of cancer, on the other hand it is responsible for renewing the intestinal flora, in turn decreases fermentations, these They work like a really natural toothpaste.

Learn about each of the properties and powers of apples

The Apple It is also considered as tannin and flavonoid, because behind the quince it is one of the fruits with the most composition in tannins, these are considered astringent and anti-inflammatory, while flavonoids are found on a great variety of fruits and vegetables, these limit the oxidation of the bad cholesterol.

Therefore, through this fruit, the deposit or storage of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries can be reduced, with regard to vitamins and minerals, they contain a great value of vitamin C, due to this power it can cover so minus 30% of daily health needs.

It is established as a rich source of boron, this mineral is responsible for exerting different actions in the body, one of the most important is to increase the assimilation of calcium and magnesium, in this way it is positioned as a way to reduce osteoporosis, and It is one of the fruits that best performs this action.

Another important contribution is that of vitamin E, at least 0.32 mg / 100g, while potassium at least 140g, also phosphorus 10mg, that is, this can be absorbed in small portions, being classified as a broad health benefit from from every point of view, it becomes a true medicinal food.

Its consideration is established by containing phytochemical substances, thanks to its composition of pectin, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids or boron, and with regard to minerals it stands out from any other option, for this reason more and more studies are being carried out to determine its effects.

Through these it has been revealed that through the consumption of this fruit the risk of suffering from circulatory disease and heart conditions can be reduced, even pneumonia such as asthma and diabetes, in turn it is indicated to counteract diarrhea, constipation, purifier natural, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

The effects of apples

The apples they achieve really positive effects, in fact if you want to lower cholesterol it is best to consume 3 to 4 apples a day, in this way the action of each of its properties is triggered, as is the case of pectin that is activated to absorb bile salts for example.

In the case of flavonoids that act to inhibit platelet aggregation, causing the effect of reducing the risk of myocardial infarction, on the other hand it is a highly recommended fruit for diabetics, because its sugar level is manifested from fructose, this means it does not have insulin when it enters cells.

As the role of pectin also helps to regulate the release of sugars, in this way the passage through the blood becomes slow and progressive, in fact, various conditions are improved through the consumption of this fruit, especially before the change of station you can perform a diet or special cure through it.

At the time of carrying out this type of food plan, you should have 2 kilos of apples a day, being the only food that is consumed for 3 to 5 consecutive days, these can be consumed raw, roasted or boiled, although unsweetened, accompanied of water consumption of course.

Through this food plan, hypertension, chronic eczema, uric acid, gastroenteritis and liver diseases are fought, in the same way it is included in the gastronomic field for roasts, salads, cakes, purees, even fried as is the case in Asia. it is a truly amazing fruit.


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