The artichokes with some plants that can be prepared in different ways to be consumed; Among the most popular, we can highlight baked artichokes, artichokes with ham, artichokes with potatoes, among others.

The artichokes are plants that have a variety of properties that help the body in terms of weight loss, digestion, regulate cholesterol levels in it and to prevent some liver diseases.

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Artichoke recipes with ham

Currently, we can find different ways to cook artichokes and take advantage of all the properties and benefits that it brings to our body. Therefore, below, we will share two recipes of artichokes with ham.

  • Artichokes cooked with ham

This is a recipe devised by a chef named Karlos and which has artichokes cooked accompanied by a sautéed ham. For her, the ingredients that will be needed will be simple and easy to find.

This is a recipe for four people and it will take 16 artichokes, a tablespoon of flour, olive oil (extra virgin), a handful of parsley, 200g of serrano ham, half a lemon and salt.

Regarding the preparation of the artichokes, First they must be cleaned well, removing the upper part and the outer leaves, likewise, they must be cooked in a pot full of water, salt and the parsley branches for at least 15 minutes.

Once cooked in this way, they should be left to drain, cut in half and store until serving time. To prepare the ham sauté with which they will be served, it must first be cut into small pieces.

Then, it should be placed in a clean pot with a little oil, the tablespoon of flour, a glass of water and let it cook for a few minutes (all the added ingredients should be removed).

When certain minutes have passed with the ham cooking, add the artichokes that had previously been cut and bring to a boil so that all the flavors mix well.

Finally, you should check their salt point and then serve and eat them. For this recipe, it should be taken into account that when handling the artichokes, gloves should be used to prevent them from rusting.

  • Artichokes with ham and onion

This second recipe from artichokes It is a classic one that incorporates more ingredients than the previous one, in the same way, also here you will take advantage of the good flavor of the artichokes and its properties.

In this case, the ingredients that will be used will be 12 artichokes (this is a recipe for more than 4 people), 100g of Serrano ham (in this case, it must also be cut into pieces), 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic.

Additionally you will need 1 large tablespoon of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and a pinch of freshly ground pepper. Once you have the ingredients, the rest is simple.

The artichokes They must be cleaned very well, removing the stem and outer leaves until reaching those that are softer; As they are cleaned, they are placed in a pot full of water with the lemon juice to prevent them from rusting.

A pot full of water should be placed aside on high heat and, once the water begins to boil, the artichokes halved and, now lowering the heat, you must wait for them to cook for 15 minutes.

On the other hand, the onion with the garlic should be cut into fine squares and put oil and salt on them for a few minutes over a slightly strong fire to brown them slightly. Once golden brown, add the ham and wait a few minutes.

When the artichokes They are ready, they must be drained and placed in the pan that was being used with the ham and with medium high heat so that they brown. A little salt should be added and everything stirred so that the flavors blend.

After a few minutes, the artichokes They will be completely ready to serve and can be eaten hot or left to rest to cool. This is a recipe that can work as a main dish at dinner or as a side dish.

  • Artichokes with ham in sauce

This is a recipe for artichokes with ham, ideal for those who require sauces for their meals. Equally very simple and fast to cook for which the following ingredients will be needed:

A pot of artichokes in reserve, two garlic, white oil, a little white wine, a tablespoon of flour, ham, pepper and parsley. The amounts of the ingredients will vary according to the amount of artichokes to use.

To prepare it, you must first fry the ham with the garlic, and after a few minutes, add the tablespoon of flour and stir. Then the artichokes chosen and white wine.

Finally, you must mix and let the alcohol in the wine used evaporate while you add the parsley and pepper and wait a few minutes. After waiting, artichokes with ham will be ready to be served.

Variants for artichokes with ham

Despite having shared a specific and classic recipe for the artichokes with ham, these can be prepared by adding more seasonings or more herbs, which will vary according to the tastes and possibilities of each person preparing the recipe.

Regarding the recommendations that are most given to ingest the artichokes, we can indicate that they combine very well when cumin or sweet paprika are added, as well as it can also work when thyme is added.

Rosemary and oregano are also an excellent option to accompany the artichokes, as well as curry or spicy, for those who are lovers of it. Likewise, artichokes they can be cooked apart from the ham and make a sauce with it.

Either way, artichokes They are plants that offer a variety of options when cooked, so do not be afraid to experiment with it and with the different herbs that we can find.


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