Benefits of Cabbage or Kale

Good Wednesday to all of you !!!

Today we want to leave you a post dedicated to cabbage or kale, a vegetable that can do a lot for our health.

Cabbages stand out especially for their high water content and low fat content.

They provide interesting amounts of provitamin A, an essential nutrient fundamental to our vision.

Regarding the different minerals that cabbage provides, we must mention its potassium content (necessary for the transmission and generation of the nerve impulse, as well as for muscular activity) and magnesium (improves immunity and has a mild laxative effect).

It also stands out for presence in vitamin C, which exerts a very interesting antioxidant action, intervening in the formation of teeth, bones, red blood cells and improving defenses against infections.

Due to its fiber content, its regular consumption helps improve intestinal transit, preventing constipation. In addition, due to their water and potassium content, they provide diuretic and cleansing benefits, helping not only in case of fluid retention, but also when it comes to eliminating toxins that accumulate in our body.

In addition, due to its folate content, its consumption is recommended in the diet of pregnant women, since it is an essential nutrient for the correct development of the fetus.

As you can see, cabbage is an excellent vegetable that we must incorporate into our diet.

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