The number of plants that exist in the world reaches an impressive number, there are an infinite number of different species and the fruits that these can give us are also an equally impressive number, from vegetables to fruits and vegetables, nature offers us all the nutrients that we may need.

The carambola or carambola They are one of those fruits that are known for how exotic they are, nature offers us an interesting fruit and which is highly valued in international markets. Let’s take a look at this alluring fruit.

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Carambola or the «star fruit»

The cannon As I said, it is one of those fruits that is interesting and very attractive to merchants, it is a very exotic fruit that is also known as the «star fruit» or «star fruit».

The carambol It belongs to the Oxalidaceae family, which are a family of herbaceous and rarely woody plants, these are composed of trifoliate with elongated stems. The fruits that these plants give are usually in loculicidal capsules or also in berries as is the case of the cannon This family of plants has about 950 different species.

How can you also know this fruit

The cannon It is also known as the star fruit, this is due to its shape that looks like that of a star when observing its cross section, this fruit is also known as carambolera, torombolo, chiramelo and starambolo.

This exotic and interesting fruit is a fruit which is native and typical of the countries of Indonesia and Malaysia, but its cultivation gradually spread until it reached other countries in Asia and America. Today the main producing countries of this fruit are Thailand, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia. The carambola and bilimbin are unique fruits of the Oxalidaceae plant family.

Other countries where this fruit is also grown but on a smaller scale are in the countries of Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. It is also grown on some coasts of Ecuador and can also be found in southern Spain.

Carambola characteristics

The bush of the carambol It can reach 3 to 5 meters in height, its leaves can be found distributed through its branches, which measure 8 to 18 centimeters in length.

The fruit of cannon It occurs in clusters on the branches and on the trunk of the tree, these are thick berries of an ovoid and starry shape in angular perspective, which can measure from 8 to 12 centimeters or 5 to 6 centimeters, the color of this is yellow and orange at maturity.

The cross section is like that of a five-pointed star, the pulp of the cannon it is juicy and a bit stringy with a sour taste. This is usually consumed raw, although it is also common for it to be cooked and served with delicious vinaigrette sauces that go very well with the flavor of the fruit. This fruit has to be grown in moderate climates and temperatures since they are intolerant to cold and die in freezing climates.

There are two different varieties of the cannon but it is a real challenge to be able to distinguish between the two and you will want to distinguish them since what differentiates them is the flavor, while one offers a sweetly delicious pulp (by some described as a flavor between an apple and a grape) by another side is the other variety which is a fruit that is characterized by a strong and sour taste.

Distinguish with which variety of cannon we are running into it is a challenge however it is not impossible at all, the most significant characteristic apart from the flavor is its skin, the key to distinguish them is to see its skin because it turns out that the one that is sweet has a thicker skin than the one that has the sour.

Other names it receives

The cannon It also receives other names according to its origins, in the Dominican Republic they call it the “five fingers”, in Costa Rica they call it “triguro”, in Brazil it is called “Caramboleiro” and in Venezuela it is called the “Chinese tamarind” or “sweet tamarind. ”. Although of course the most popular way that it is known is as cannon or the star fruit.

The cannon it is made up mostly of water. This fruit contains in smaller amounts simple carbohydrates and also in even smaller amounts it contains proteins and fats, which makes it a fruit with a very low caloric value.

The pulp of the cannon it contains calcium oxalate and also soluble fiber. It contains moderate amounts of vitamin C and provitamin A and stands out for having a good potassium content. In a smaller proportion, some B vitamins and minerals such as calcium can be found, although to a considerably lesser extent than that of dairy products or foods that are a good source of this mineral.

The cannon It is a sweet and refreshing fruit that also has an interesting shape, due to its nutritional properties and its great contribution as antioxidant substances, this fruit is a great ally for our health. Especially for its contribution in vitamin C which is capable of providing us with 76% of the daily value in a single fruit.

The cannon In general, it is not a fruit which is widely used in the kitchen since this is generally raw food and without accompaniment, however it is used for the preparation of some dishes.

The cannon Apart from the fact that it can be served cooked with some vinaigrette sauces, its shape is also widely used to decorate dishes, its shape is very decorative for fruit salads, it is also used to make smoothies and even jams and jellies. It can even be a good ingredient for soups.

The cannon It is an exotic and interesting fruit which is a great nutritional contribution to our health, especially due to its high content of vitamin C.


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