The custard apple Also known as custard apple, it is a fleshy-looking fruit that is produced by a tree that is also known as custard apple, this fruit is called the fruit of paradise. It has characteristics that make it a very particular fruit and its flavor is very rich.

A person who frequently consumes this fruit can ingest high levels of vitamin B, since it contains several of the vitamins. For its cultivation it does not need a climate that is so cold or so hot, it also needs an ideal humidity for the fruits to reproduce.

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Origin and characteristics of the Chirimoya or Chirimoyo

It is well known that cherimoya cultivation It has been taking place since 200, this fruit is of Latin origin. It was originally cultivated in the Andes mountain range, which today is known as the countries of Peru and Ecuador, both in South America, some historical ones think that the Andes extended to countries such as Chiles and Colombia.

When the Spanish conquerors arrived in this area and began to approve the custard apple fruit, they called it «white mangrove» because it has a really sweet taste, although the name cherimoya with which it is known today comes from Quechua and means «cold seed. ”.

This name was given due to the temperature in which the tree grows more easily, generally it needs high latitudes. At present, vestiges in the form of the custard apple fruit have been discovered in ancient Peruvian tombs.

Its consumption spread throughout the world thanks to the colonizers who over time began to take the fruit to different parts of Europe and later to the continent of Africa and the East.

Currently, Peru and Ecuador are no longer the largest producers of cherimoya, Spain has the highest level of production of this fruit, can produce up to 30,000 tons of cherimoya per year and has very large areas in the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in Malaga and Granada there is fruit destined for cultivation. Most of what is produced is destined for national consumption.

One of the main custard apple characteristics is that the cultivation of your tree can be very slow, when it reaches maturity it can reach a height of up to 7 or 8 meters, its foliage is quite abundant with wide ramifications that you can understand around it.

The tree has interesting characteristics, its bark considerably thick and its branches quite straight for a tree. It has very inconspicuous flowers of a yellow color with some purple spots, the flowers are made up of 6 petals, they spread through the tree sparingly and are united in small bouquets made up of 3 or 4 flowers at most.

It is from these flowers that the cherimoya fruits are formed, if the fertilization of the flowers is carried out improperly, the cherimoya can be produced with rare formations and not with their general appearance.

The custard apple itself has quite interesting characteristics, its color varies between a range of different greens that will depend on the type of custard apple, they can grow quite large, the fruit’s rind is thin and delicate, so it can be detach easily, if the custard apple falls from the tree it can be crushed or even opened.

A custard apple It can weigh between 200g to 800g, but specimens of this fruit have been known that reach up to 5kg. On the inside it is a very fleshy and juicy fruit, although not too much, its pulp is white and very creamy. it also has an abundant amount of seeds, which are brown in color.

The bark of the fruit has quite pronounced protrusions that draw U-shaped shapes on the fruit. For this fruit to grow well, the tree must be in the right conditions.

The ideal climate for this fruit should be in an area with quite high altitudes, where the climate is mostly dry, it does not require rain and the temperature is intermediate, neither too hot nor too cold. It is a tree with a tendency to be delicate, fungi or different insects can affect it significantly.

Custard apple nutritional value and health benefits

Despite being a fruit not so well known by the world population, it is known that custard apple has a large number of properties necessary for a good diet, it can be included in the diet of anyone without any problems.

The amount of benefits that can attract human health are many, among which we can highlight:

  • It is a natural and calming antidepressant: custard apple has properties that when consumed act in the body as a natural tranquilizer, making people feel more relaxed and calm, it is an excellent fruit for people who tend to feel restless and anxious.

It is also known that custard apple acts on the chemicals that cause depression, it acts on the nervous system.

  • Antimicrobial: the custard apple It is a magnificent dewormer, thanks to its high concentration of cyanine, fiber and cytotoxins, it acts on possible bacterial attacks and in the regulation of parasites, it also has a high level of vitamins C.

As is well known, vitamin C helps to counteract diseases caused by infections.

  • Antioxidant: thanks to the fact that it is composed of a lot of vitamin, it becomes a very effective natural antioxidant to prevent aging and counteract the early oxidation of the body. It has vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Controls cardiovascular diseases: helps maintain heart health, controls blood pressure naturally, prevents cholesterol and thanks to its low fat levels it can be used as a control for hypertension and many more diseases that attack the heart.


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