Eating Fruits and Vegetables you live longer

A European study has examined the relationship between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the risk of mortality and has come to the conclusion that eating fruits and vegetables the number of deaths is decreasing, especially those caused by cardiovascular diseases. The analysis, published recently in the journal American Journal of Epidemiology, has been directed by researchers from ten countries, including Spain, within the framework of the European Prospective Study on Nutrition and Cancer (EPIC).

According to the results, Combined consumption of fruits and vegetables of more than 569 grams per day reduces the risk of mortality by 10% and delays death by 1.12 years with respect to a consumption of less than 249 grams per day. In addition, for every 200 grams daily increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables, this risk decreases by 6% more. And if the entire population that usually eats few fruits and vegetables increased their consumption by 100 to 200 grams per day, mortality would be reduced by 2.9%.

If there is a choice, best results are obtained are raw vegetables. The consumption of vegetables itself was associated with a lower risk of mortality, especially if they were taken raw. According to María José Sánchez Pérez, co-author of the study, a high consumption of raw vegetables implies a 16% reduction in the risk of mortality.

The rreduction of the risk of mortality due to the consumption of fruits and vegetables it was higher in the participants who consumed alcohol (around a 30-40% reduction in risk) and in the obese (20%).

As the authors explain, this positive effect is probably due to its high content of antioxidants, which act to alleviate oxidative stress induced by alcohol, tobacco and obesity.

So you know, fruits and vegetables daily to be a centenary!


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