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Fruits and vegetables that start with D

With so much plant variety in the world, how can we ensure that we are consuming the best for our health? Maybe the fruits and vegetables that start with D be the solution to your questions about health and nutrition.

The fruits and vegetables that begin with the letter D They are your best option if what you are looking for is a natural and cheap alternative to improve your health and help your body to be healthier.

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5 fruits and vegetables that start with the D

Still don’t know which fruits and vegetables you should start consuming to improve your health? Have the list of fruits and vegetables that begin with the D so that you start to have an idea of ​​which vegetables to include in your diet.

  • Damascus
  • Date
  • Dragonfly
  • peach
  • Durian


The damask (also known as apricot, albergero, Armenian apple or apricot) is a sweet fruit native to China and some countries in the Middle East. It is currently popularly marketed in many countries around the world. This fruit is very similar to peach and peach, but they should not be confused!

This delicious fruit has multiple purposes, for example, almonds from the Damascus (not peach, which is toxic) are used to make amaretto, the popular Italian liqueur. It is also used in cosmetology for the preparation of creams and masks, because with vitamin A it helps to combat abnormalities in the skin, especially in the skin area.

Thanks to its high fiber content, this fruit can provide many benefits, among which are:

  • Prevents eye diseases.
  • It works as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Improves the functioning of the digestive tract, reducing constipation.
  • Improves liver health, by working as a cleanser.
  • A great antioxidant, also used as an antiseptic in some countries.
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It is the fruit obtained from a plant commonly known as date. These have their origin in Morocco and were brought to the United States last century. It is not its wrinkled brown skin exterior that makes this fruit so beloved, but its exquisitely sweet taste and easy to chew, it is just a single small stone in the center.

Dates have a vast amount of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. With all this, the dates they are easily digested, thus allowing the body to enjoy all the benefits it can bring to the body.

Among some popular uses of dates stand out the vinegar of that fruit, chutnet, pasta date for bakery and pastry products, natural flavorings and roasted whole date seeds. The shoots of the tree (the palm heart) are used to add more flavor to salads.

Some benefits and properties of date for our health:

  • It serves as a cleanser to cleanse the colon and prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Being low in calories, and serving as an alternative to processed sugar, it is excellent for those who want to lose weight.
  • It prevents anemia due to its high levels of iron.
  • Protects vision, takes care of the skin and keeps the mucous membranes healthy.


The dragonfly (in Spanish «dragonfly», also called by some flat orange or dwarf orange) is a type of citrus that has earned the nickname «miniature orange» because it is much smaller than a traditional orange. It is native to India.

Like many other citrus fruits, it is an undeniable source of nutrition. The dwarf orange has a high level of vitamin C, provides very few calories, has no cholesterol and is a full source of antioxidants.

This citrus has a velvety texture, and the flavor is very intense, but just as fresh. Its use is common in confectionery, as it provides an aroma similar to that of pine trees and the forest. It is also used to flavor essential oils.



The peach is a fruit with a velvety skin, a mild smell and a very sweet taste. Often confused with peach and apricot. It is usually eaten raw, dropping the seed inside, or jams and jellies of this fruit are also prepared. Color can vary from bright yellow to orange with brown flecks.

Peaches are rich in B and C vitamins, as well as high levels of dietary fiber and few carbohydrates. Similarly, it contains minerals such as potassium and some phytochemical components such as lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and beta-carotene.

Some benefits that you will enjoy if you include peaches in your diet:

  • You will maintain healthy blood pressure levels, thus increasing your heart health.
  • Due to its iron levels, it is indicated to combat and prevent anemia.
  • It is indicated to regulate the lack of appetite.
  • It helps you lose weight, as it contains very few calories.
  • Heal cramps and muscle fatigue.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant


The durian It is an exotic and controversial fruit (loved and hated) in many parts of Southeast Asia as one of the characteristics of this fruit is the bad smell that the pulp emits once the peel is opened. Its exterior is green and the skin appears to have almost sharp and very hard bumps. The fruits are large and weigh up to a kilo.

Despite its smell reminiscent of rotten fruit or rancid onion, its pulp contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as a high content of fiber and carbohydrates.

The durian has a long list of benefits to improve your health, among which are:

  • It has the ability to stimulate your immune system, thus preventing many diseases.
  • It promotes the reduction of blood pressure and protects against many cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps improve digestion and other digestive syndromes due to its fiber levels.
  • It has properties that help prevent cancer and inhibit free radical activity.
  • Thanks to the calcium present in the fruit pulp, the durian Helps strengthen the bone system and promote bone growth.
  • Due to its iron levels, it helps prevent anemia and fight its symptoms.
  • It is known as a remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Helps prevent premature aging with its antioxidant levels.


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