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Fruits with vitamin C

Keep a high quality of life, in the sense of having zero health concerns, is a priority, that is why we are so often obsessed with setting an exercise routine, a diet that has the properties or nutrients necessary to prolong be healthy day by day.

The power generated by having knowledge about the contributions that vitamins generate to the body is essential to identify how much they lack, and especially the pathologies that can be prevented through their consumption.

Being responsible with everything that we eat is the first step to take care of our body, and to be able to provide everything it needs, so it is not atypical to have heard many recommendations throughout life. consumption of the famous vitamin C.


What makes vitamin C so special?

Each vitamin has its unique contribution to the human body, and it is the point of elevation that makes each of them special, but in the case of vitamin C, it encompasses various health benefits For what it is the great desire of any consumption, it is remarkable to observe in each advertisement that any medicinal product is added in striking texts, which contain vitamin C.

But, where does vitamin C come from, is the big question, but at the same time it is too simple, its main origin is natural, and based on this is that various medicines are manufactured, this is due to the use of fruits, this has almost made the popular law say that the category of citrus fruits is a high source of vitamin C, which is not an error .

This fact of course makes the consumption and the absorption of vitamin C, and this is extremely helpful, since highlighting the first characteristic of this vitamin, is the increase, strengthening and contribution of collagen, which represents a large percentage of protein.

The collagen provided by the consumption of vitamin C is great for bone growth, that is to say, it is that cartilage type tissue, not to mention that many individuals have deficiencies due to lack of collagen, and It is reflected in many symptoms, such as hair loss, or no growth of nails, as well as muscle tissue is also affected is weakened.


Another aspect to note is that vitamin C, strengthens the defenses and the immune system because it significantly reduces infections, totally influences their reduction, directly fights pathogenic microorganisms which are those that generate it, avoid its stay inside the body.

Not to mention that prolongs cells, namely vitamin C is the highest level of antioxidant, and this without a doubt keeps out any DNA alteration, so this prolongs the good maintenance of genetic material.

In addition, if it is about regeneration, vitamin C is number one, this is because it is a powerful healing, so when there is the presence of any wound, or you are in full recovery from a surgical intervention, the consumption of this vitamin is merely essential to accelerate this process.

In everyday life, many people are affected by gum bleeding and the first step is to go to the experts of oral medicine, however it is little known that this dilemma can be eradicated through vitamin C.

A lot is gained through vitamin C, where is the fault of this, in no aspect, on the contrary, more is lost when this vitamin is not present in our consumption, since you can even experience Heart problems, because without it, heart problems reignite.

To know the amount of vitamin C that is possible to consume, it is enough to carry out a nutritional comparison table of the fruits and vegetables that provide it, and to know how much it is recommended to absorb, this depends entirely on age, in children of course it is more regulated per portion and in adults it amounts to the advancement and deterioration of certain human functions.


The best natural stimulant is vitamin C

There are plenty of reasons to enact that the consumption of vitamin C continues to multiply, but, we must not forget to mention that notably promotes the formation of iron in the body, which is a complete ideal for hemoglobin, and so this is the one indicated for not cause future anemia or unbalanced between values.

Even in the aesthetic aspect it influences, since most of creams are responsible for adding this powerful vitamin, in order to obtain all the benefits from skin protection.

Fruits with Vitamin C in 100 g net

The main source of vitamin C is found in fruits such as mango, melon, strawberry, broccoli and cauliflower, to mention something, this does not mean that the rest is less important, but contains it in less proportion.

A natural smoker lives hand in hand with vitamin C because they need the antioxidant power that this provides, and in this natural way they will be able to equate the negative aspects of this vice, but not only smokers find it useful, but Also pregnant women in the breastfeeding process, as it helps the baby’s growth and bone formation.

The poor diet based on vitamin C produces a special disease, such as scurvy, which is manifested by damage to the gum, even in the appearance of ulcers that over time generate constant bleeding or hemorrhage, which becomes a direct problem for hemoglobin.

As well as zero consumption of vitamin C, too excesses are harmful and totally contraindicated for health, and you suffer directly through symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, and aches, that is to say, it compromises normal digestion, which is why it disturbs the eating cycle of any person, so it is not about obsessing and not having limits.

Everything must be kept in perfect balance and harmony for our body, definitely the existence of vitamin C is crucial for everyone, to avoid going to substitutes, everything that stimulates the body to be healthy, strong and prolong the quality of life, under the limits of a balanced diet.


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