Investigating and knowing the ways to obtain good fats for the consumption of your body is of great importance, to fulfill this objective a natural method that results is through the consumption of macadamia nutsThey are of Australian and Indonesian origin and are widely known as a source of nutrients.

Its attractive nutritional composition includes proteins, carbohydrates and also fiber, on the other hand, its physical characteristics describe it by its chocolate brown color, while it looks whitish inside, this type of fruit grows on smaller trees, which in a maximum way are around 12 meters.

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Know all the contributions that macadamia nuts generate

The macadamia nuts They come from the Proteaceae family, this macadamia tree has permanent leaves that reach an extension of 40 feet horizontally, and a similar measure vertically, each tree of this family that is 10 years old can produce 50 pounds to extend this amount even.

These are characterized by being a fruit that has a hard texture, which is considered a snack or raw snack, that is, a classic quality of nuts, therefore it is added in many recipes, especially to make desserts. on the other hand, it serves as an oil extract to be used in cooking and on the skin.

Another of its outstanding applications is that of its compost, which is made through its husks, serving as a mulch or fertilizer, its use is so wide that in Japan it is implemented as an oil within cosmetic needs, being an implementation usual when creating soaps, shampoo and even sunscreen.

Discover the use of macadamia nuts

In fact, its use extends to being classified as an animal food, for these reasons the interest in its cultivation has spread worldwide, especially in Mexico and South America, although Hawaii stands out for its high production, it can be cultivated where conditions of moderate sun and abundance of water exist.

Likewise, it can be classified as one of the healthiest nuts, because it is considered a natural food, because it contains antioxidants, vitamins and also minerals, so it has a wide capacity to contribute to health, from all senses .

It consists of a considerable amount of vitamin B1 and magnesium, where various studies have established that through a single serving 58% of manganese is obtained, along with 23% of the necessary value of thiamine, on the other hand, the quality of everything is found dried fruit to provide good fats for the body.

This type of fat reduces the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, because it restricts the occurrence of heart attacks, because according to the ratio of its content to its 21 grams of fat, only 3 of them are considered saturated fats, in addition to being responsible to provide amino acid, arginine, vitamin B1 and magnesium.

It is a source or propagation of manganese, as has been reiterated, but it is also low in carbohydrates, which makes it a totally energetic food, being an important contribution for athletes, since it compensates for muscle wasting, in addition to promoting this growth stage. in children and adolescents.

Benefits of consuming Macadamia nut

First of all, one of the most outstanding benefits of macadamia nut It is the reduction of the cholesterol level, because its composition is based on a contribution of monounsaturated fat, because through the consumption of this dried fruit bad cholesterol can be inhibited, reducing any heart condition.

Its effects come to be considered as a way to lose weight, since it allows you to burn fat, as well as weight loss, its action focuses on the acceleration of metabolism functions, however it is also a good incorporation to improve your quality of life since it improves the mood.

They work extensively to get rid of stress and depression, because they promote the production of serotonin known as the hormone of happiness, it is responsible for reinforcing the correct functioning of the digestive system, thanks to its nutritional contribution of fibers, causing it to can evacuate and take care of intestinal health.

It generates a significant amount of energy for great physical efforts, in the same way it is perfect for the regulation of sugars in the blood, so it is indicated to treat diabetes, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory of the body, and increases the body’s defenses by develop the immune system.

In stages of development it is considered a great ally by helping to form muscle tissue, cognitive and also blood plasma, it is used regularly to fight constipation, in terms of bone appearance it works as a way to keep them strong and healthy completely.

Its main quality classifies it as an antioxidant, because it causes a blockage of premature aging, since it reduces the effect of free radicals, although the consumption of this dried fruit is restricted due to its toxicity for dogs, however, its attractiveness lies about 840 kcal calories.

Likewise, it is made up of carbohydrates at least 13 gr, as well as the level of fat at 75 gr, protein 10 gr, fiber 9 gr, potassium 368 mg, phosphorus 195 mg, and its great value of vitamins, especially C and E , so it is present in a wide variety of recipes.

Other of its strengths is the conformation of home remedies through its properties, because they fight muscle pain in a great way, especially when mixed with thyme for example, it also works to combat stress, this use is exercised through infusions .

It acts as a perfect treatment on the skin for flaccidity and cellulite, which reveals its medicinal power, even aesthetic, being a very useful dry fruit against all kinds of conditions, therefore each of these benefits can be obtained without any problem. knowing each of its properties.


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