The power of fruits is truly unimaginable for the amount of benefits it provides, in the case of peach It can be conceived as the fountain of youth, this is a fact that is overlooked by those who consume it or those who are in search of a change in their eating habits and cannot ignore this fruit.

Beyond being a delicious fruit with a velvety texture, it is responsible for infusing a large number of benefits, due to the power of its nutrients, which are a complement that stands out for its properties, as a result of these it has come to be considered as an implementation within the realm of aesthetics as well.

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The power of the peach

The secrets of peach They are based on their nutrients as their main strength, but before unveiling one by one, it is necessary to clarify its origin, this fruit comes from China, the first crops are more than 3000 years old until its popularity and consumption spread in the rest of the world .

This fruit over time has been adopted as a symbol of immortality, especially in the East, due to its composition of substances that favor in this aspect, among which vitamin A, C and E stand out, for this reason its antioxidant benefits predominate.

In the same way, it is responsible for increasing the immune system, this fact is affirmed by the Shandong Institute of Pomology in China, in addition to the fact that the pulp is due to a high composition of beta-carotenes, which is considered as a pigment that increases the capacity to tan quickly, without negative effect.

Shielding yourself from the sun’s rays, to only use its positive effect is a great help from the aesthetic point of view, as well as in tropical countries, which houses the ability to eliminate hypersensitivity to sunlight, therefore the recommendation also arises to combat acne as well as dry skin.

It also has the qualities of attending to those people who suffer from stomach ulcers, so one of its traditional uses or applications is based on the imposition of masks, as a way of extracting the benefits that this fruit can cause, the which are scientifically proven.

Unveiling the secrets of the peach

The aesthetic qualities of peach They imply a much cheaper improvement, but above all more natural instead of some other medicine, especially since it can be used as a cream or lotion, due to its hydration qualities on the skin, providing luminosity and softness to the entire skin.

The application on the skin can be exercised on the face, hands, arms and shoulders, this can also be mixed with natural yogurt, honey, and extra virgin olive oil, from this fruit hundreds of methods of home applications are derived, up to It is considered as a natural treatment to treat the skin as it deserves.

On the other hand, it also has a large number of medicinal properties, first of all there is the ability to raise folic acid, which is recommended to be consumed by those women who want to get pregnant, because it contributes to the conformation and development of the fetus, through of the consumption of this fruit.

Although this type of benefits can be increased by combining with vegetables, of the type such as lettuce, endive or endives, both to strengthen the gastronomic side that it has especially in the preparation of a salad, that is to say that its virtues are really complete in all aspects.

It has a high value of vitamins, in total 10 different ones, which have an antioxidant virtue, among which the following stand out: A, B, C, E, and K, demonstrated by scientific studies that describe antioxidant qualities such as acid folic, pantothenic and chlorogenic, which are responsible for preventing aging.

Premature aging is fought by restricting free radicals, since they lodge in the body, to the point of counteracting the appearance of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, its functions of attending to the symptoms of kidney stones through its juice, because protects the kidneys, after various studies.

On the other hand, its properties position it as a laxative, this is responsible for reducing the appearance of constipation, which facilitates intestinal transit, in addition to being composed of a good supply of potassium and phosphorus, therefore it is considered as one of the most important fruits behind the apple, citrus and bananas.

The benefits of the peach

Within the description of the peach Its botanical name stands out as a drupe, these are fruits that stand out for emerging more than anything in the summer season, where its availability increases from May to September, although it can be enjoyed all year round due to its wide production throughout the world.

One of its uses that stands out the most worldwide is the integration with meats, compotes, jams, among others, that is to say that within the industrial field it also has great weight according to its properties, although within its species the Paraguayan also arises, these variations it resides in the kind of pulp they have.

This fruit comes from the peach tree, belonging to the Rosaceae families, covering more than 2000 species of herbaceous plants, its varieties cover more than 5 races of fruits, its properties are based on carbohydrates and the level of energy that they are capable of. to distill.

Through its mineral assessment, its most outstanding value is potassium, and in lesser amounts iodine arises as well as magnesium, its carotene level is one of the highest compared to any other fruit, attributing it with dietary capabilities, because nectaries it has high levels of carbohydrates.

In general terms, its energy values ​​are really outstanding, therefore they can cause a good condition of the skin, hair, mucosa, bones and also the strengthening of the immune system due to its antioxidant action, where potassium acts as an increase in the nervous impulse. and habitual muscular activity.


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