Within the potentialities of a food, the role played by the pepperThis is due to the diversity of properties that it houses in its composition, in addition to having albuminoid materials, as well as pectin, fat and hydrates, on the other hand, it is characterized by being a vegetable.

The size or shape that it gets are highly variable, because it can be green, orange, yellow, red and even black, it is defined by having a sweet and even spicy flavor, it is usually consumed fresh. , canned, among other qualities that deserve to be revealed.

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Know the advantages that make up the pepper

The consumption of pepper It is versatile, since it can be roasted, cooked and eaten raw, in fact, its common use is applied on the garnish of a large series of dishes, the plant that provides it is of the Capsicum annuum species, which can acquire up to 2 meters inside a wintering, while its flowers are whitish and alone.

Due to this origin, its plant is centered or part of the Solanaceae family, where most of the crops come from Europe, on the other hand it is popularly known for its high fiber value, thanks to the fact that it is mostly found made up of water, meaning a low calorie and fat level.

By means of these properties, it can be easily added to any nutritional plan, because by consuming this vegetable a state of satiety is achieved, being beneficial for those who want to control their appetite and lose weight or eat healthy, with the tranquility of obtaining what is necessary.

With the help of fiber, the appearance of constipation can be alleviated, because it is constituted by having laxative qualities, as well as being an influential factor to lower blood cholesterol, as well as sugar levels, since it controls the glycemia, being appropriate to combat diabetes.

Through the consumption of this vegetable, it is possible to reduce diseases from the gastrointestinal tract to cancer, such as cancer of the large intestine, although they also take charge of promoting gastric secretion, especially sweet, because it improves the affections of the delicate stomach .

While those that are spicy characteristics come to be considered as irritants, therefore they act mainly as a laxative, which makes it suitable for when diarrhea arises, in addition, within its composition, the fact of having capsaicin stands out, this is defined as a compound that performs an antibiotic action.

The effects of the properties of pepper

As a result of the previous property, it also allows it to be simple to preserve without deterioration, while another of its outstanding effects is that of an analgesic, since they inhibit the chemical cause of pain, therefore it can be used within postoperative treatments, up to about arthritis and amputations.

An extract in the form of a balm can be derived from this vegetable, to treat the skin, especially those irritated due to psoriasis and herpes, the best of all is that both in its spicy and sweet version it does not cause any contraindication for the stomach. , or the gallbladder.

Its properties are distinguished in antioxidants, since they are a really outstanding source of this element that counteracts aging, it also has vitamin C, E, and provitamin A, along with the combination of carotenoids specifically such as capsanthin, these completely inhibit free radicals.

The importance of reducing the importance of free radicals is to be able to obtain greater performance when practicing exercise, face environmental pollution, smoking, various infections, stress, or to undertake fat diets, and reduce the effects of sun exposure .

The effect of its antioxidant quality allows it to counteract bad cholesterol, in this way a prevention against cardiovascular and even cerebrovascular diseases is formed, at the same time it causes a decrease in the appearance of cancer and degenerative diseases.

A detail that cannot be overlooked Peppers, is that the red ones have a high content of vitamin C, even a higher percentage than orange fruits, even higher than strawberries and kiwi, in fact for every 60 grams they have the advisable value of this vitamin.

The folate value is really abundant in this vegetable, so it should be included in the diet of pregnant women, since this vitamin generates spina bifida in a newborn, these are demanded by children in stages of development, because counteracts a host of shortcomings.

Due to its extensive composition of potassium, it can be considered as a diuretic, especially because the sodium it has is really less, causing a great effect of eliminating fluids from the body, consequently it is postulated as a solution for those who suffer from hypertension and hyperuricemia , also kidney stones, among others.

By eliminating fluids, people can get rid of substances, such as urea, uric acid, among others, although potassium has an important contribution to the nervous impulse as well as muscle activity, within its distinctions the particularity of having an intense flavor.

It is not necessary to add a large amount of salt, therefore they work for low sodium diets, fighting kidney or cardiovascular pathologies at the same time, in the same way it is positioned as an important source of calcium, as well as magnesium that the intestine, nervous system and muscle tissue.

It greatly helps teeth and bones, in fact it stimulates the body’s immunity, as well as being a mild laxative, on the other hand the phosphorus it has, plays an important role within its benefits, although consumption should be controlled because it can cause indigestion in people with a delicate stomach.

This vegetable has 100 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of pepperFor this reason it is conceived as a highly nutritious food, and the best of all is that it can be combined with other foods, although it is recommended that they do not have the same nutritional value, however it stands out for its extensive properties.


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