Worldwide one of the fruits that is considered as a favorite is the pear, It has a geographical origin rooted in eastern Europe, although it was also abundant in its beginnings in Asian regions, but as time passed it multiplied on all continents.

Its designation resides in Latin, as it has also adapted various translations to all the languages ​​of the world, it has a distinctive origin of the pear fruit, belonging to the Rosaceae family, this type of tree is characterized by reaching up to 20 meters in height and last for at least 65 years.

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The powerful properties of pear

The pears have covered an important weight within commercial plantations, so it predominated to observe pyramidal trees with gray bark, these have oval-shaped leaves, while the flowers stood out for their white color, these were combined to form corymbs of 9 to 11 flowers.

Its composition can be detailed through the following relationship, for every 100 grams of it, its energy value is 58 Kcal, proteins cover 0.38 g, fats 0.12 g, carbohydrates 15.4 g , sugars 9.8 g, fiber 3.1 g, potassium 119 mg, magnesium 7 mg, calcium 9 mg and phosphorus 11 mg.

It has an important value of vitamins such as C, K, and A, in turn it has folates, these nutritional contributions can be obtained in a simple way after a simple taste, which is distinguished by besides being widely delicious, without stopping represent a diuretic food, as well as uricolithic because it dissolves uric acid.

This is also positioned as a cleanser, at the same time it is used as a laxative, remineralizer, stomachic, astringent and sedative, therefore it is regularly indicated to combat rheumatism, arthritis, stress, anemia, diarrhea, obesity and even high blood pressure. , resulting in a very effective natural solution.

Benefits of consuming pears

Consumption of pears It extends towards its anti-inflammatory action, in fact in its seeds these capacities reside in a greater proportion, from this part its use as an oil that is implemented even in facial creams with the aim of regenerating, although they are also responsible for strengthening the immune system.

This has an effective effect due to its vitamin composition, where in addition to everything they have an important supply of calcium, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, copper and even manganese, for this reason they are widely beneficial, where their glucose and fructose content are They are responsible for providing energy for the day to day.

The absence of calories makes it an absolute recommendation, as it also works to control diabetes, since the blood slowly absorbs the carbohydrates from the fruit, this helps to reduce the increase in blood sugar, that is regulates glucose levels.

Its fiber endowments are greater up to three times higher than the apple, they become an important advantage of its consumption, it greatly reduces the incidence of cholesterol thanks to this, and also due to the action of pectin, this is responsible for you favor its levels, it resides in the skin of the fruit, so it should be eaten.

It cannot be left aside that it fights free radicals, this implies that it decreases aging, because it has a high value in vitamin C and K, in this way cells are protected, however another beneficial impact is towards the heart health as it eliminates bad cholesterol due to its fiber content.

This fruit is also responsible for the neutralization of heavy metals, being a great action for the protection of the human body, for this reason purifying properties are added, its compatibility with everyone is high since it is a hypo-allergenic fruit with a lower incidence of this type.

The functionality of pears

It is responsible for preventing the appearance of osteoporosis, due to its calcium value, but also because it has boron, this is responsible for helping to retain calcium over other fruits, its action includes even a reduction in blood pressure, this It is because it contains quercithin, which is responsible for lowering blood pressure.

It greatly reduces the appearance of carcinogenic diseases, the important thing is that you can find a great variety of fruits, in all cases with the same edible distinctions, where the color can change a great deal, due to its extension of shapes. and crops.

Its qualities even include the application within the kitchen, since they are perfect to incorporate them into the preparation of desserts as well as sweet recipes, this causes that the appetizer can be or have totally healthy nutritional elements so it is not recommended to add so much processed items.

Consuming such important and indispensable values ​​for health through a single fruit, explains a little why it has become one of the favorites and most acclaimed, although half of all these advantages are unknown, so it should be verified the composition of each fruit before any meal plan.

In the same way, when having any pre-existing condition or pathology, it is important to maintain a diet based on this fruit, because its scope ranges from reducing cardiovascular diseases to being able to control diabetes, which will give your life greater control and care. From what is consumed, a difference is made.

From this moment, the pear should be conceived as an important source of nutrients, but at the same time as a medicinal treatment, which can be incorporated without any problem under a dessert or a consumption method that really suits your tastes.

Although compared to drugs, this fruit has an extensive natural effect, which has a lower probability of allergies than any other pill, so you must choose to evaluate these alternatives and change your life.


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